Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 159 (March 17th, 2010)
Today's Scale Reading: 152.2
Weight, as dictated by the trend line: 151.8
Total Lost: 7.2 lb

For the last 2 days, my weight has actually been above the trend line.  It's not a surprise that this has happened.  For the past few weeks I've been coasting on the eating.  I haven't really pigged out much, but I haven't been in calorie deficit mode either.  And then Thursday was a day full of wine tasting in Napa and Friday was a day volunteering at Habitat For Humanity, which was great but did nothing to change the fact that I ate what was probably 1500 calories of burrito deliciousness for lunch.  And then went drinking after.  Yesterday was crossfit.  And drinking.

Bottom line?  Time to get back on track.  I've been partying for basically 4 days straight. 

I discovered, incidentally, that there's something very cleansing about a workout the morning after a party day.  Once I did that, I felt like I had truly put some distance between myself and my party habits and I was ready to get back on track.  And honestly, I was doing really well for most of the day.  I tracked, I ate well, and I made sure I had enough calories left over to have a drink.  The problem was that once I had the drink, I was ravenous.  Does this happen to anyone else?  You drink and get hungry?  I hate that.  I stopped by my local pizza place, which unfortunately only does whole pizzas.  No slices.  They have a personal sized one, which is still way too big.  But whatever.

So.  Sunday.  New week.  New lease on life.  New opportunity to start fresh.  To kick things off, I've got a junk removal team coming over in a few hours to take away some furniture and books I don't need.  I'm half tempted to make weekly stuff purging a habit.  It feels good. 

How do you start off your week?


  1. Ugh - I'm like that when I's like I have a hard time drinking and not eating - especially if I've had a few.

    And thanks for your supportive and insightful comment on my blog. It was VERY helpful! :)

  2. I start off my week refreshed! Sunday is a rest/ recovery day and I feel ready to tackle the next week :)