Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today I learned that while going 35 mph on a 250cc ninja is a terrifying, nail-biting experience, going 35 on its 650cc big brother is so pleasant and easy that it can be done accidentally.

By the way, the Ninja 650r sounds like a cat the size of a monster truck.
Today I learned that in Somalia, if you get a scholarship to go to some other country and you don't know someone in the government, there's a good chance that Somalian officials will tear up your visa.

I also learned that the average education level of the Somalian populace is increasing, and so it's much harder for the government to execute its critics.

Source: the cab driver who picked me up after I had to get my motorcycle towed

Saturday, April 25, 2009

...the location of the best place to relax in Golden Gate Park.

There's a pond that used to have a few very large cedar trees around it. Recently, the trees got cut down and now there are piles of cedar chips everywhere. It turns out the cedar chips are exceedingly comfortable to recline on (I had jeans and a motorcycle jacket) and they smell great.

The place
For best results, turn on satellite view.

Monday, April 20, 2009

...how to bribe an airport employee in Mumbai

Fold up a $20 and put it in your passport. When you hand your passport to a guard, usually it will be returned without the money. If you are questioned, just say you don't know why it's there. Then you can't be accused of trying to bribe an airport employee.

This tip brought to you by the guy sitting next to me on the plane from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh.