Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This song is about me

I haven't said why I'm embarking on this little project of mine, and the reason is vanity.  Nothing more.  I am was slightly overweight by medical standards.  (I just checked.  For a woman of my height, overweight is 160 and as of this morning I'm 157.  Hah!).  But my weight wasn't preventing me from doing anything.  I do my Crazy Awesome Sport, as well as some CrossFit style workouts 3 or 4 times per week to support my Crazy Awesome Sport hobby.  I just went to the doctor last week and my cholesteral is low, my blood pressure is low, and in general I'm in excellent health.

However, there are two things that I want and don't have right now. 
  1. A flat stomach
  2. The ability to shop in high fashion stores.  Right now I hover between sizes 10 and 12 which tends to be right around the upper size that most boutiques will stock.  And even if they have those sizes, the clothes generally don't look so good.

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