Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm doing this thing

Yes. Yet another weight loss blog. I need to be held accountable to someone, and the anonymous internet sounds like a good start.

Today I weighed in at 157.6. I have a goal of either 145 or looking dead sexy in a bathing suit, and I'll take which ever comes first. I've been told by my trainer that 145 may not be in the cards at all, but if I stay at 155 and alter my body composition instead, I'll be happy with that.

I've been embracing change lately, which was the motivation for starting this little body maintenance project. I switched teams at work. I moved. I got rid of a lot of stuff. And now I'm trying to get rid of my layer of padding and go from unassuming and cushy to sleek and dangerous. Like going from a Volvo to a Ferrari. I wouldn't mind be ogled by the Top Gear lads either.

The biggest lesson that I've managed to accidentally drill into my own head so far, after a grand total of 2 weeks, is quality over quantity. My "master plan" is to count calories, and suddenly I care a lot more about what those calories are spent on. I've always eaten a lot of veggies because I live a fairly active lifestyle. But if I wanted cake, I'd have that too. Now I can't do that. I have to choose between the veggies and the cake, and I choose veggies every time. I need the vitamins. I need the fiber. I need to avoid the sugar crash.

That last bit, about the sugar crash, is why I'll also choose bacon over rice. I've managed to accidentally start my own super-low carb diet, simply because protein keeps me much fuller. If I can't just eat whenever I want, I need to choose things that will keep me full. Those things turn out to be protein, fiber, and fat. And definitely not carbs.

When I was growing up, I used to get what I now know is postural hypotension. If I spent time reclining and then got up suddenly, my vision would go black. It disappeared years ago, but within a week of calorie reduction, it has come back with a vengeance. Not gradually, but all at once. I find it funny, but also sort of alarming, which is why I have a doctor's appointment next week.

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